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Agility obstacles
Safety on the 1st place
Agility obstacles
Safety on the 1st place

Stabilizing bag Nina

Stabilizing bag Nina

Stabilization bag is used to fix the tunnel any diameter in fixed position. Due to the triangular shape, it can also be used for fixation of other obstacles. Stabilizing bag is made from PVC and filled with sand weigh up to 16kg. Opening for filling with sand is situated on one side and has a zipper. The bag also includes two loops for easier manipulation for two persons. This bag has a long strap which is ended with trident. The strap is clipped on the opposite side of the tunnel to the second bag, and using the buckle of the strap is adjusted so as to be firmly fixed on the tunnel. These straps do not deform the tunnel. Straps are stabilized against UV radiation, which ensures their longevity.

Triangular load bags are available in different colors - white, yellow, orange, red, blue, teal, brown and black.

We recommend ordering always an even amount of bags.

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Stabilizing bag Nina

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