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Agility obstacles
Safety on the 1st place
Agility obstacles
Safety on the 1st place

Jumping obstacle "Teri Race" - PREMIUM

Jumping obstacle "Teri Race" - PREMIUM

TERI jumping obstacle with the new enhanced frame RACE. Outside, the obstacle is the same as classic frame. Meets the FCI 2018 parameters. New load has been inbuilt into the frame, which further reduces the center of gravity of the obstacle and makes it extremely resistant to wind. Obstacles are particularly suitable for places with worse climatic conditions and for use on competitons. In handling, weight gain is already known. However, the increased weight is positioned so that in the event of a fall of the sidewing on the dog or handler, there is no injury. Part of the obstacle is also our very popular, rounded "hook" to hold the bar,

The jump bar is made of durable plastic tubes with an outer diameter of 32mm.

Height adjustment - 15cm to 65cm by 5cm. Default marks - small / medium / large - 30/40/60


Obstacles are stackable, so do not take up in storage areas too much space.


Sides fillings: Tailor 'fishnet' side - high resistance to dropping by the wind, washable in the washing machine, stitching quality, lightweight


Colored stripes on the bar correspond with the color of the side filling. Possible adjustment according to your wishes.


Possibility of buying obstacles with longer bar for Double jump. This fact must be set in a note.


Why order from us?

- An original design sides filling

- Meets the parameters FCI 2018

- Materials chosen with a view to demanding use

- Obstacles are stackable = space saving

- Low weight = easy manipulation

- Suitably positioned load = high wind resistance

- No sharp edges = safe for you and your dog

- Minimal maintenance

- Wide range of colors


Dispatch time approx 7 days, according to the number of obstacles and the complexity of the contract. In the event that we could not observe the delivery date, we will contact you in time.



July 2024
Side filling Colour:
Additional load:
115.31  Price incl. VAT
Standard price: 115.31 €
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Jumping obstacle "Teri Race" - PREMIUM

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